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UV Casting Films

UVCast2-112-700-700-80ITW EcoCast™ — Inline Holography

A revolutionary inline decorative process, UV Film Casing creates rich, high gloss holographic effects on a variety of substrates in both sheet fed and web environments. UV Film Casting is a method of microembossing a holographic image into a UV coating.
No material is transferred to the surface—instead the patterned film itself acts as an embossing die that cuts light diffractions into the UV coating as it is being cured. Because there is no actual transfer of a foil or material onto the substrate, the film can be reused several times before new film is needed. UV Casting films are available in a variety of diffraction patterns, similar to hot foils. They can also be customized with a proprietary design for brand identity and security applications


Book Publishing             Consumer Goods               Cosmetics                    Direct Mail                         
Electronics Entertainment Media Fashion Food and Beverage
Games/Media Greetings Pharmaceutical Personal Care
Stationery Tobacco Toys Sporting Goods
Security Wine & Spirits



Advertisement Book Wraps           Direct Mail
Clear Labels Decorativ Wrap Bags
Folders Folding Cartons Greeting Cards
Hang Tags Labels Magazines
Media Wraps POP Displays Posters
Presentation Folders Print Colleteral Rigid Packaging
Set-Up Boxes Stickers Trading Cards


High-Speed Application Inline Process
Press-Perfect Registration Customizable
Matte, Silk and Gloss Finishes Stock Patterns Available
Spot or Full Coverage Options No Film Left on The Sheet
Casting Film is Reusable Can be Incorporated with Anti-Counterfeiting Features


•Fast make-ready because process uses standard printing plate or a coater unit
•No tooling or die costs
•Single pass processing; Runs at press speed; Press-perfect registration; Ideal for short or long runs
•Can be put on sheet-fed printing presses, or offline UV coaters can be retrofitted
•Uses fewer and lower cost materials; casting film is reusable
•Low energy usage; emits no VOCs; casting film is recyclable


•Image quality: bright and crisp holographic effects over dark colors
•Diverse surface options along with a range of holographic possibilities, stock or custom patterns
•Allows for full coverage and spot applications
•Can be customized to include low level anticounterfeiting or authentication features as well as product branding


•Shorter lead times for holography for faster speed to market
•Lower cost effective alternative to traditional holographic hot stamping or laminated board
•Like most holographic techniques, can assist with anticounterfeiting and authentication measures
•Durability of cured UV varnish adds protection to packaging
•No need to sacrifice sustainability for shine — brilliant, biodegradable, and can be recycled using conventional techniques, assuming other components are also biodegradable and recyclable

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