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- Technology patented by ITW, the world's only source for hi-speed, large format holographic origination

98837145If dynamic packaging concepts, speed to market, cost effectiveness and a successful market introduction are essential to your brand, allow us to make your project happen in real-time. The proprietary iSCAN® - technology coupled with our holographic film embossing capability make ITW - the only true one-stop solution for all your unique holographic needs. Utilization of holographic technology in package design is being established as the benchmark to product and brand managers who are looking for new methods to improve brand positioning and product identity.
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The use of holographic effects paired with dynamic graphics leading to innovative, eye-catching packaging, is a proven method for enhancing shelf appeal and increasing sales. iSCAN® is a revolutionary technology patented by ITW that allows you to incorporate dazzling holography into your product quickly and cost-effectively. 

iSCAN® benefits include:

  • High-speed origination eliminates time and expense constraints associated with traditional dot matrix holographic methods.
  • High-speed proofing and print overlays with white
  • Large format custom registered holographic patterns and designs uniquely suited for embossing onto film, paper and board.
  • Computer-to-plate holographic mastering capabilities that streamline the product design-to-production process.
  • Elimination of unsightly "shim" lines associated with traditional step and repeat systems.

The results: Superior Brand Differentiation

Transform your brand into a stunning and unique display or an exceptionally functional holographic package design!

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