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BS Series

The BS series is an extremely versatile general purpose foil for coated and uncoated paper and board stocks

• Easy release
• Medium to solid coverage
• Excellent adhesion over various inks and varnishes
• Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance
• High heat resistance
• Suitable for all types of stamping machines at high speeds

Cosmetic cartons, greeting cards, paperback books and general trade stamping

GS Series

The GSE series is a graphic foil that has been specially designed for very high working speed with excellent coverage on most

• Medium release
• Suitable for fine to medium areas
• Very high working speed
• Excellent heat and abrasion resistance quality
• Suitable for vertical as well as cylinder and rotary stamping machines
• Excellent coverage on unprinted, printed and lacquered surfaces
• Extremely clean definition with dust free printing
• Very high gloss


Cosmetic cartons, cigarette packages, confectionery packages, wine and spirit boxes, greeting cards, paperbacks, wine and spirit labels, all other uses in graphics industry

FG Series

The FG series is a graphics foil that has been designed for
very high working speed

• Offers fine detail printing with little or no dust.
• Suitable for high speed application on a Foiljet.
• Very high operating speed.
• Excellent heat and abrasion resistance particularly suited to high speed rotary stamping machines.
• Very high gloss.


Cigarette packages, confectionery industries, wine and spirit boxes

OG Series

The OG series is a versatile foil for coated and uncoated stocks. Ideally suited for low temperature, low pressure applications, producing clean, sharp impressions.

• Good definition and heat resistance
• Fine to medium coverage
• High speed stamping
• Excellent foil for rotary label applications on film


Coated and uncoated stocks. Overstamps most coatings and inks, sheet fed and rotary labels, cartons and packaging.

OS Plus Series

A trouble shooting foil for a variety of printed and unprinted substrates as well as OPP laminates.

• Excellent adhesion properties on printed, non-printed and varnished papers
• Easy Make Ready
• Excellent workability on various stamping machines
• Suitable for both fine line work and larger areas
• High heat resistance
• High gloss level
• Suitable for all types of stamping machines



Folding cartons, cosmetic packaging, liquor and confectionery industry, cigarette packaging, film packs, greeting cards, labels and general graphic applications


UX Series

The UX Series is specifically designed to accept overprinting of UV cured inks and coatings in both rotary and sheet fed stamping applications. The UX Series offers a print receptive topcoat that enhances the adhesion properties of UV inks when overprinted by flexo, screen, letterpress, and offset printing processes. It is also receptive to conventional inks.

• Formulated for medium to heavy graphics on sheet fed presses.
• Transfer properties allow for high speed stamping while maintaining solid coverage.
• Capable of fine to medium coverage in rotary applications.
• Designed to transfer and adhere to a variety of popular substrates in the prime label market.



Prime labels, box wrap, paperback and book cover jackets and folding cartons

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