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Hot stamping foils

ITW has developed hot foil formulations specifically designed to meet all the challenges of substrates, design and production. Whether used off-line or with rotary stamping equipment, our foils produce a crisp, durable impression and provide the highest quality finished product with a superior level of shine and brilliance. With a wide array of brilliant silvers, golds, and colors as well as eye-catching stock and custom diffraction patterns, ITW Foils is also a key partner when it comes to the critical custom color matching required by certain brands. In addition, ITW I.KELA brand hot foil flat dies, emboss dies and brass cylinders deliver the same quality, consistency and reliability that our customers rely on daily.


Fast and Sustainable
Fast setup, no up-front tooling or dies, quick turnaround, superior brightness, limitless color possibilities, efficient for both short and long print runs, registration control, in-line and in-house—need we say more?

With a wide range of metallic effects, ITW Cold Foils provide an even broader portfolio of finishing options. In addition to our CFR Series for offset printing, there is the CFR Series for rotary which was specifically formulated for the thru-cure wet lamination process. One of its key advantages is its ability to be flexo, screen and offset overprinted by both UV and conventional inks.

Diffraction Foils

Diffraction Foils are available in a wide range of stock and custom patterns and are an effective image enhancement tool in applications such as folding cartons, greeting cards, brochures, labels and promotional pieces. ITW Foils custom capabilities set a new industry standard.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

ITW Thermal Films manufactures, converts, and distributes PrintheadSaver® thermal transfer ribbons (TTR) for bar coding and labeling applications to customers around the world.  PrintheadSaver® thermal transfer ribbons for flat head technology printers are available in our standard resin enhanced wax grade, PrintheadSaver® Extreme Series Midrange™ (ESM™) wax/resin and Extreme Series Resin™ (ESR™) formulations for applications requiring a higher level of performance and versatility.  For near edge or corner edge technology printers, our PrintheadSaver® Techno-Edge™ wax/resin and resin ribbons are designed to get the maximum efficiency out of near edge printheads, while providing you with the superior performance characteristics you need for abrasion and environmental resistance.

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