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Celebrating 100 Years


ITW100 2In 1912, Chicago financier Byron Smith placed an ad in the Economist looking to provide capital to a "high class business (manufacturing preferred) in or near Chicago." He turned down several initial offers, waiting for the right proposal. When a group of inventors with an idea to improve gear grinding came along, Illinois Tool Works was born. From these humble beginnings, the company endured the uncertainties of war and recessions, expanded into businesses across the globe, and transformed entire industries through simple yet ingenious solutions.

ITW100Today, ITW is a Fortune 200 global diversified industrial manufacturer of value added consumables and specialty equipment with related services businesses. The company focuses in profitable growth and strong returns across worldwide platforms and businesses. These businesses serve local customers and markets around the globe, with significant presence in developed as well as emerging markets.

ITW: Forging the Tools for Excellence

In celebration of our 100 years of success, we are pleased to present this commemorative book and video that reflect upon ITW's history, progress and promising future.

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